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Pete's Services

It's really all about Service!

I am in the business of service. While Financial Advisors develop customized financial programs, it's not about how great they are, but about how great you feel about it in the end.

Three Chapters of Service

  1. Understanding: goals, concerns, and values
  2. Implementing: solutions that can be understood
  3. Communicate: regular & ongoing communication | meetings

Service Values: I Am Proud that……

  1. I build strong relationships and create clients for life.
  2. I am entrusted to important areas of people's lives.
  3. I understand my role in pursuing success is to engage my clients through education.
  4. I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve.
  5. I own and immediately respond to problems.
  6. I respect the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.
  7. I am proud of my professional appearance, language and behavior.
  8. I protect the privacy and security of my clients valued & sensitive information.
  9. I am responsible for uncompromising levels of confidentiality.
  10. I receive referrals from my clients because they are comfortable doing so.